Scott Brown a Sign of Things to Come

Here we are one week away from a special election for Teddy's seat and Scott Brown has moved within striking distance.  Imagine that, a Republican in striking distance at winning Teddy Kenendy's Senate seat.

Granted Martha Coakley is about as bad a candidate as you can get even going so far as make the absurd comment that Afghanistan is now terrorist free.  Even still, we're talking about Massachusetts, the liberal capital of the world.  Any democrat, regardless of how awful should be able to cake walk into the US Senate and win by at least 10% if not over 20%.  Heck just look at John Kerry.

But here we are one week away from the election and Scott Brown has come within single digits in poll numbers and continues to move closer.

It has gotten so bad for Martha's campaign that she is actually running ads right now in MA reminding people that Scott Brown is a Republican and that she is the Democrat and the Democratic party is wheeling in their big guns by bringing Bill Clinton to town on her behalf.

At this point there are no plans to bring Obama to town to pull for her but I wouldn't be surprised to see him show up at the last moment.

I still fully expect her to win the seat but its going to be a lot closer then I think anyone ever expected and I think this is a warning shot across the bow of the USS Obama.  Even in a left wing state like MA people are getting fed up with the out of control spending with zero results to show for it and the lack of leadership.  About the only thing team Obama has shown strong initative on is finding new and creative ways to blame Bush for everything under the sun.  Given all of this, the real question is would it help or hurt Martha's chances for Obama to show up and campaign with her?

What this election is going to come down to is numbers. 

If by chance Scott Brown wins, Obama's presidency is by all means over.  That would be the clear message heard around the country and it would put Democrats into such a tailspin they'd be tossing each other under the bus every chance they get to make each of them appear to be more center then the next.

If it comes down to a 5% difference with Martha winning, which is where I'm guessing it will fall, that too is a clear victory for Republicans because it will show how weak the Democratic platform has become.

Even a 10% or less victory in MA will be seen as a Democratic defeat because this is after all Teddy's seat.  This is where the Democrat should win by 20% even without campaigning.

I can't wait to see what this next week brings as Marth's camp continues to scamble and panic.