Drug Laws Ruining More Lives Then The Drugs

This week there was an interesting story about Nicholas Cate, the chairman of the Planning Board in Pepperell MA.  Cate was arrested in a drug bust in Brookline, NH for possession of marijuana.  You can read the story in full HERE but here is an excerpt:

The chairman of the town's Planning Board says he is not resigning from his post after his arrest last week for drug possession.

Nicholas Cate said he was visiting a childhood friend in Brookline, N.H., on Jan. 5 when police officers stormed the house with weapons drawn.

Police seized a pound of marijuana and $72,000 in cash. Cate's friend, David Suprenant, 43, of 65 Oak Hill Road, Brookline, was charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, attempting to falsify physical evidence and resisting arrest or detention.

Police also found a small amount of marijuana on Cate, of 4 Robin Lane, Pepperell, arresting him for possession of a controlled drug. He will be arraigned on Feb. 2.

Here we have a respected member of his community who is responsible enough that other members of the planning board felt he was good enough to be the chair of their committee and now his life is being ruined because he had a "small amount of marijuana".

More then likely his friend David was his dealer which accounts for the guns and money they found.  If they legalized drugs like marijuana there wouldn't be dealers, Cate would have been able to stop at his local package store and pick up a pack of smokes or perhaps unrolled if he prefers to eat it in food.

These are the real victims of the drug war.  Those who support it like to think that it's protecting the children or that only the gang bangers in inner cities are the ones doing drugs but normal people in responsible positions living in your towns occasionally use marijuana.  Making their behavior a crime ruins their lives and wastes our money and it needs to stop.