MA Goes Brown

It's now a little past 9:30 PM and Brown is being called the winner in Massachusetts, the heart of Liberal land.  To say this is a significant is an understatement.  This is the first time in 47 years that Mass has elected a Republican senator.  This was a clear message against the Obama agenda, even in Mass they rejected his massive amounts of government spending with nothing to show for it, his government take over of private industry, his government run health care and so on.

I said before when Obama was first elected that people did not vote for Obama, most Obama voters did not even know what he represented beyond "change" and "hope".  People were upset with Bush pushing unpopular wars and his own deficit spending.  Obama ignored what people voted against and upset voters even more, which we now see in elections turning to Republicans even in liberal states like Mass.

You will read a lot of comments over the next few days downplaying this victory claiming Martha was a bad candidate (which she was) or claiming she ran a bad campaign (which she did) but they will ignore that this was Mass, the state where democrats routinely win by 30% without even having to campaign.  They wont acknowledge this was a vote against the liberal agenda.  Martha was given the democrat nod because of the novelty of having the first woman senator in MA but when that wore off there was nothing left, there was an empty suit.

What will be interesting to watch is how the National Democratic party carries forward.  Clearly Democrats in states like NH where they have weaker candidates will they fight to stray away from the Obama liberal agenda and attempt to come off moderate?  Will the Democrats realize that the "teabaggers" are the same moderates that have turned on them in MA?  Time will tell.