My Top Subjects Of 2009

I've compiled a list of which I consider my top 10 subjects of 2009, enjoy!

10) The blame game.  Blaming Bush was something I questioned when Obama first took office and I pointed out was still going on months later.  I guess when you've accomplished nothing and you have nothing to show for your first year blame is your best shot politically.  Even now with the Christmas terror plot there was mention of Bush's name in attempts to pass the blame.

9) There has been heated debates with the health care bills on whether or not we are forced to pay for US abortions but back in January a policy was put in place forcing us to pay for 3rd world abortions with our tax dollars.

8) Several horse owners had their horses taken from them by the government who claimed to be "saving" them.  This of course ended with the government "saving" some by putting them down.

Not long after that original story, 12 more horses were "saved".

7) Deficit, what deficit?  People in NH are still blissfully unaware that our state is spending more money then it brings in.

Of course then came the budget with all the new taxes pushed on us.  But what about a public hearing to discuss new taxes?  Sorry no time.  I'll be writing about the even more new taxes coming in 2010, watch for it.

6) NH choose to continue tossing money at the drug war this year with Lynch vetoing the medical marijuana bill even though every requirement he asked for was included into the bill.  Of course rather then admit there are bad politicians who do not support personal liberty some instead choose to blame the 420 protests.

5) Carol Shea Porter locks up civilians for speaking out... again!  This time it was because someone sent her a tea bag in the mail, which of course lead us to the tea protests still going on around the countryAfter going into hiding for months she finally came out of her hole to hold two bogus town hall meetings packed with hand picked union thugs while the rest of us were locked out in the cold.

4) Who can forget the infamous bathroom bill.

3) Unemployment and the stimulus was hot on everyone's minds.

2) Guns guns and more guns were the talk of the town.  From guns around Obama to the gun ban at the state house.

1) Finally to top of the list we have the great democrat distraction away from their own failures, Doug Lambert's insult of Ray Buckley.  With all their increased taxes, failures in policy, stripping away of rights and the protests of angry people against them, this was the hottest story on NH blogs for quite a while.