Carol Shea Porter The Sexist

Carol, after seeing the tides turn against Democrats in MA, is now doing anything and everything she can to save her own political skin including actually having town hall meetings.  Of course Carol being Carol, the more public exposure she gives herself the more she makes a fool of herself.

At the little publicized meeting she had this past Saturday morning she made a statement that had it been made by a Republican would have been front page news across the state.

“If we sent the men home we could get something done,” she said after telling how the women members complain in the restroom about the men. She wasn’t joking. Women “collaborate,” she said, so they would be able to solve the country’s problems if only they didn’t have the men around to prevent them from working together.


Here's the actual video of her making this claim in case anyone thinks perhaps the Union Leader is putting spin on her absurd statement.

Her comments were sexist and demeaning to both men and women and she is continually proving why she is not fit to hold public office.