The Same Sex Marriage Distraction

Once Lynch signed the bill allowing for homosexuals to call themselves a married couple I thought it was said and done.  After all with the state spending the NH population out of house and home and with all the other bad laws that have daily impacts on many NH families I would think there were far bigger fish to fry then two men or two women calling themselves married.

Of course Democrats want to focus to stay off of their spending frenzies and the laws they are pushing to strip away little bits of our freedoms one chunk at a time so they welcome the distractions.  From reading Blue Hampshire over the past couple months I don't think I can recall a week when they didn't have at least one "marriage equality" article or article pointing out discrimination against homosexuals.  Of course that plays well to their base so I can't fault them for it but let's face it, that's all they have right now.  They can't talk about the budget because it shows them for the tax and spenders they are.  They can't even brag about federal level politics because that too will highlight the incompetance of our Democratic state officials and how they are willing to throw one another under the bus to save their own skins.

But it's the Republican party I am the most disappointed with because they don't seem to know enough to let the ball drop and walk away.  They are like Charley Brown, unable to resist when Luicy puts that football out.  A large percent of the Republican base opposes same sex marriage, by focusing on it they will continue to excite that base just as the Democrats excite their own base however the general public doesn't care.  We care about how much is taken from our wallets each and every day by force of the government gun.  Republicans need to get their priorities straight.  The tea party protests are where people are turning out in huge numbers... not the anti marriage protests.  Where you get dozens of people at the later, the tea protests turn out hundreds if not thousands.

Rep David Bates is a prime example of what I'm talking about.  Where is he focusing his attention right now?  On pushing to get NH to vote on marriage laws.  How about a vote on the budget?

From the Telegraph:

Many people who oppose same-sex marriage, Bates said, "do not agree that we as a society must be compelled to sanction something we find morally objectionable."

It's even more morally objectionable to fund something we object to like abortion and in the case of being forced to fund things we object to that is actual harm being cased to me and my family because money I could be using to feed them or save for my children's futures is being taken from me against my will.  Let's talk priorities!

To quote from Jim Splaine (whom I rarely ever agree with), he states in the same article:

Splaine said he is confident that when the issue is discussed at town meetings, voters "will not take rights away from their neighbors."

Allowing two men or two women to call themselves married does not take anything away from me, ironically however Jim fails to use that same logic to many of the other bills and spending that he supports that actually does take things away from me personally.

So instead of focusing on things that have real every day impacts Republicans chase that football and Democrats with glee put it out for them to kick and miss so people look at the distraction instead of the things that really matter.

The proposed constitutional amendment, CACR 28, is sponsored by Republican state Reps. Dudley Dumaine of Auburn, Daniel Itse of Fremont and Nancy Elliott of Merrimack. To pass, a constitutional amendment needs the support of three-fifths of both the House and the Senate, and then approval by two-thirds of state voters.

Similar amendments were rejected in the House in 2006 and 2007. This year, the fight comes on the heels of the state's first same-sex marriages under a marriage-equality law that went into effect Friday. A separate House bill, introduced by Rep. Al Baldasaro, a Londonderry Republican, would repeal same-sex marriage.

Even if the overwhelming majority of the public were opposed to same sex marriage (UNH polls show the public supports it by a slim margin) by the two thirds it would take of voters, the current make up of the state government is majority democrat.  Do any of these reps seriously think any of their bills will stand a snowballs chance in hell getting passed by a Democrat majority?  All it's doing is taking the focus away from real issues that have real impacts on the lives of nearly everyone living in NH.

Priorities folks!