Winds Of Change Are Blowing

Over the past few months I've seen more and more news stories similar to the one found HERE reporting that more and more young voters are turning toward the Republican party over the Democratic party.

A recent Pew Research Center report said 40 percent of voters ages 18 to 28 lean Republican, up from 30 percent last year. Fifty-four percent of those voters said they lean Democratic, down from 62 percent last year.

There are plenty of theories for this, the article implies that Democrats are focusing on the wrong issues.  Younger voters don't look at their own mortality the way older voters would so health care isn't seen as an important issue where as jobs are and no one can argue that the job market is very good right now.

I think it's more then that though.  We're now in a digital age where information is available with the click of a mouse and our younger voters aren't as gullible as past youth.  Instead of just forming opinions with 30 second sound bytes in ads they are reading articles and in some cases actually looking up how candidates vote.  More and more websites are allowing people to answer questions and see which candidates' voting records actually match closest to their views and most Americans' view based on poll after poll do not match the voting records of the Democratic party.

The changing tide was ever so apparent yesterday on my drive home from work as I passed the Merrimack library.  That corner has become one of the key locations in Merrimack for people to stand out holding signs because so much of the local town traffic passes that point during the morning and afternoon commutes.  In past elections I recall seeing hordes of supporters for everyone from local town candidates to people running for president and usually the younger people were the ones holding signs like John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and other Democrats where it's usually our older seasoned town officials who stand out holding signs for the Republicans.

This week was different.  As I drove home I saw several young faces but instead of holding signs for Democrats they held signs for Republican Frank Guinta.

Granted this isn't saying much since Carol Shea Porter is a train wreck of a candidate that even several Democrats have said off the record they feel she's a drain on the party in NH and hope she loses.  But I still think it's a sign that things are changing.  Time will tell.