Winds of Change II

Last week I wrote about the winds of change evident by the increasing number of youth voters registering Republican instead of Democrat.

As I continued through this week's daily commutes to and from work this change is becoming more and more evident.  Nearly every night on my way home, team Guinta supporters have been standing outside the Merrimack library corner waving and holding signs.  There are high school and college age kids and younger women along with some of the local Merrimack Republican candidates running for state rep.  The younger kids and women are those you typically would think of as the Democratic base but yet here they were holding signs for the Republican for Congress.  One with a typical soccer mom with the minivan and everything.  Total shock for me because most of the time you see the mini vans plastered with the pro Democrat bumper stickers.

Wednesday on my way into work was the one exception.  In the morning as I went by the library I saw a few signs being held but I could tell right away there wasn't the same excitement as before.  As I got closer I could see the much smaller group of maybe 4 people were holding Carol Shea Porter signs.  The average age perhaps late 60s and as I came to the light I recognized the faces.  These were members of the local town Democrats who show up for everything pushing for larger government and higher spending.  You know the type, they run for any and every office they can then push to increase the amount of services government provides.

One member of the group served with me on the Merrimack Budget committee.  While he was a nice guy and someone I'd certainly grab a beer with, he was the very definition of a tax and spender.  Never meet a line item he didn't like or a suggested increase he wouldn't support.

I drove slow watching to see if there were waves or horn honks but there weren't any.  I saw one women yell hi because she knew them from town but unlike the Guinta team who were generating waves, honks and thumbs up from passer-byes, I didn't see any of that from Team Carol.