Wish List for NH Republicans

Now that Republicans had a solid majority in NH state government here is my top ten wish list items I'm hoping to see accomplished.

1) Cut state spending.  For the past few years Republicans have done a good job pointing out the deficit spending Lynch and Democrats have forced onto our state.  This should be a slam dunk for them to start cutting.  One area to consider, I recently saw a report of state employees broken down by department for every state in the country.  NH was over the national average for number of employees per 1,000 citizens in several departments.  Public works being a perfect example.

2) Cut fees and taxes.  The first set of taxes and fees cut should be any associated with small business.  NH has dropped from being a business friendly state to being a tax heavy state.  The Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council currently has NH number 25 on the list of state taxes on small businesses, we can do better and attract new business here.  As a state we'll be far better off in the long run.

3) Eliminate all NH tolls.  Tolls are inefficient taxes and should be one of the first eliminated being that as much as 50% of the toll goes into the method of collecting it in the first place.  When you also factor in that they are unevenly distributed through our state that places a heavy tax burden on certain segments of the population unfairly and in my opinion unconstitutionally.

4) Give parents back the right to make choices for their own children or at the very least the right to know if a medical procedure is going to be done on their children.

5) Repeal the law allowing early release of violent prisoners.

6) Repeal the smoking ban in private establishments.  This law is completely backwards.  Government should not be the ones telling a private business what legal activities are allowed within its doors.  If government wanted to ban smoking in public at least a valid argument could be made that on a public street or park the smoke causes harm to others around the smoker.  That same argument doesn't hold up in private though because no one is forced to enter a private business.  This would be like saying you cannot smoke in the privacy of your own home or in your own car.  Private is private and public is where it impacts everyone.  Big difference there.

The next few may not be popular with all Republicans but being as Republicans take pride in being the party continually at the top of the NH Liberty Alliance ratings as the party most supporting freedom and liberty, these could be the true tests showing Republicans as the pro freedom party once and forall.

7) Passing a law allowing for Medical Marijuana.  If doctors feel a drug can help someone, is it helping anyone for government to prevent this?

8) Legalize gambling.  Key note on this issue is there is a huge distinction between allowing gambling like an off track betting parlor or casino and creating a new branch of government with government run gambling.  Keep government out of it.

9) Get government out of defining marriage.  The largest conflict between both sides of same sex marriage can be defused just by getting government out of the marriage business.  Change the law to allow partnership rights such as life making choices if you become ill etc to be entered into by any two consenting adults and leave the term "Marriage" to be defined by whatever faith you believe in.  If you and someone of the same sex wish to call yourselves married then it would make no difference to me then if you and someone of the same sex wishes to call yourselves hamburgers as long as my church wasn't forced by law to do the same if they believe otherwise.

10) This last one may be a stretch to hope for but let's eliminate unnecessary government by ending all victimless crimes in NH.  Minor drug crimes, prostitution etc.  It never failed to amaze me that it's perfectly legal for two adults to meet online and have random sex or meet in a bar and have sex but if the money spent on dinner and a movie or on drinks is instead directly exchanged between those same two adults then it suddenly becomes a crime.  In today's computer age random sexual encounters are easy to come by so the moral arguments that prostitution destroys families or spreads STDs no longer holds weight.  Likewise when it comes to non halusinagetic drugs (drugs that alter your ability to control your own actions or perceive reality I do consider off limits), what is more basic then our ownership over our own bodies?  If we continue to justify government preventing us from smoking marijuana if we choose then we are also allowing the same logic that will allow Democrats to pass seatbelt laws forcing us to keep ourselves safe or to pass laws banning substances like transfat.


One additional sugestion, pick 25 NH state laws that are unnecessary or over baring and repeal them.  We pass more and more new laws, let's spend at least one year focusing more on repealing and cleaning up the bad ones.