Is This An Example Of How Lynch Made Us Safer

When SB500 passed by the Democratic majority the argument we heard from John Lynch and the Democratic party is how much safer it was going to make our state.  They claimed it wasn't so much as putting violent criminals loose on the street as much as releasing them with additional supervision.

So I have to ask, now that we've had the law in place for just a few weeks, is this an example of how much safer we are and the quality of how well Democrat's laws work?

Taken from the story found HERE.

One of the first prison inmates released under the controversial Senate Bill 500 parole-reform law was arrested Wednesday and charged with two felonies, including felon in possession of a firearm, authorities said.


Early Wednesday afternoon, police arrested him at the Taco Bell on South Willow Street. He was arrested after a Cilley Road homeowner recognized the laptop computer case Ouellette was carrying. The man had reported the laptop stolen from his home less than an hour earlier, said Manchester police Sgt. Dana Langton.

So how did all the extra supervision work out?  If it wasn't for the guy who's laptop he stole spotting him this guy would still be out walking the streets with a gun.

We shouldn't be looking for ways to put these criminals back on the streets earlier, we should be looking for ways to keep them locked up longer.