Loss of Merrimack Icon Bob Kelley

Once in a while you meet people in elected positions who really stand out.  I had the honor of working side by side with one of those great men in Merrimack by the name of Bob Kelley.  Bob passed away this past weekend at 89 years of age.

What stood out with Bob was how giving he was.  He served on serveral committees in town and was at nearly every event put on in the town.  I don't recall ever going to a town event and not hearing his chearful voice call out "Helloooo Mr Barnes!" to which I would happily reply, "Hellooooo Mr Kelley". 

One of the things that stood out about Bob in my opinion was he wasn't one of those people who got involved because they wanted something but because he was sincere about want to help his comunity.  Bob was a true independent voice.

Bob not only helped Merrimack but served for years as a state representative as well.

He was one of those great guys that no one ever had a bad word to say about.  Even when you found yourself on a different side of a political discussion with him he was always respectful and presented his counter arguments in a way that even if you disagreed you would fully respect his reasoning.  Then again his arguments were often so well crafted and sound that even if at first you did disagree he would be able to sway you to his side.

In the few years we served together on the Merrimack Budget Committee the running joke was Bob always made the motion at the end of the meeting to adjourn.  Once business was complete the chair would ask "are there any further motions?" and everyone would get silent and turn toward Bob who would smile and say "I motion to adjourn".

Motion passed Bob, meeting adjourned and we'll miss you.