What a Difference a Day Makes

Yesterday we had Democrats in control of every level of the NH state government and the federal government, what a difference a day makes.

As I scanned from channel to channel last night absorbing the different takes on the results and one explanation really jumped out at me.  Democrats were being too moderate.

Seriously, that's what was being argued.  That same thought was echoed by several of my Democratic friends today who are now complaining that Obama reached out too far across the center isle and if he instead stuck to his left wing agenda Democrats would still be in power today.

Democrats have completely deluded themselves to believe that they actually won in 2006 and 2008 because of their policies.  Fact is they didn't.  Voters didn't vote for Democrats, big government, more taxes and higher spending and government run health care.  Voters voted against Bush and the Iraq war.  Democrats did a good job capitalizing on the anger people had against the war showing endless footage on the news of funerals and continually reminding us of how many US Troops were killed over there.  Faces like Cindy Sheehan were plastered non-stop on every channel reminding us that those lost in combat have families who wanted answers.  That was what voters voted against, they wanted us out of Iraq.

The anger voters had against Bush carried over into the local state elections as well swinging NH far into the blue giving Democrats full control.

I said then that Democrats need to realize that the vote wasn't a mandate for their extreme left wing agendas, but instead a rally against the war.

Fast forward to today.  Democrats have not changed anything with the war.  We are still in Iraq and according to recent counts there were 7,886 documented civilian deaths since Obama and Democrats took control in 2009 alone.

The media isn't even talking about the wars pretending they aren't happening any more.  Can you say media bias?

And despite massive protests, equal to those against the war, Democrats rammed ObamaCare down our throats.  Arrogant politicians like Carol Shea Porter stood up refusing to listen insisting it's what we wanted and surrounded herself with members of unions who continually agreed with her.  In Carol's case I honestly believe she was that stupid to think the union and left wingers she surrounded herself with were a true representation of NH voters.

NH state politicians felt the anger that swept them into office was a mandate for higher spending and pro government policies which stripped away our freedoms one by one.

What we saw yesterday was the other side of that anger.  Instead of being angry at a president for an unpopular war, voters were angry at an entire party for bad policies and unpopular choices.

On that same news channel they pointed out that what we saw in the results were extreme right wingers knocking out the moderate Democrats leaving us with more of both extremes.  Of course the commentator thought this would be a good thing predicting that Democrats will now dig their heals in and refuse to work with the extreme Republicans and continue to push their agenda.  Lots of luck to them.  They had four years to increase government spending to record levels, grow government and infuse it into every aspect of our lives.  What more do they think they even can do?

My prediction is over the next two years we will see complete gridlock on the federal level as both sides do just that and dig their feet in.  Of course this will leave America where it is now with high unemployment and a stagnant economy and since Obama is the figure head in power he will be ultimately responsible for the outcome.

Meanwhile on the state level I expect to see many of the bad laws passed by Democrats over the past two years repealed.  Parents will be given the rights back to have say over their children when it comes to dangerous medical procedures, criminals will not be set free far ahead of their scheduled release dates, and the ever increasing state deficit hidden by Lynch's smoke and mirror games will be eliminated.

I fully expect Democrats will continue to play the blame game, pointing fingers at Republicans for every problem that exists.  They will continue to claim Republicans are the party of fear while at the same time they themselves will be the ones instilling fear pointing to every action taken saying it will cause the end of life as we know it.  And of course the liberal media will become hyper focused on Republicans.  You'll see the new speaker of the house on the news more then Obama and they'll look under every rock and under every closet attempting to find even the slightest bit of dirt that can be used to discredit and character assassinate every single Republican in office.