Carol's stupidity and another key statement made

The debate waging on about what Carol Shea Porter may or may not have said in a round table discussion on ABC is interesting but it's taking away from a key statement made that neither the left nor the right seem to want to discuss.

For starters let's settle the Carol debate once and for all, some are claiming that she made a statement that the Chinese are pumping in special interest money into elections and others such as our friends at Blue Hampshire are claiming she said no such thing.

It's easy enough to prove one way or the other if she said it or not since the video is hosted on the ABC news website HERE.  They also supply the direct quote:

Shea-Porter said watching the growing influence of special interest money had been her biggest disappointment, calling it "awful for democracy."

"I think it's strangling us," she said. "They're in the halls of Congress everywhere, and it means, for example, that you sit on a committee and you say something about concern about Chinese influence or something, you don't even know if in the next election, somehow or another, they manage to send some money to some group that now doesn't even have to say where they got it."

The word "They" underlined above refers back to someone or something, so who exactly would "They" be?  In this case she directly prefaces it with a statement about Chinese influence in elections so "They" would be the Chinese.  And since the video is hosted on ABC's site its fairly easy to watch about 9:40 into it and confirm she did in fact say that.

End of debate, she said it.

Now here's the real story...

In that same round table discussion there was another statement made:

"The Tea Party movement really is quite a bit different than the old Republican conservative movementl, " Castle said. "They're more than willing to take out Republicans, call us Republicans in name only, or whatever it may be. It was one thing when you were dealing with Democrats and Republicans. Now you're dealing with divisions within your own party."

Castle, a known centrist, also said that working with the other party -- the Democrats -- once seen as the cornerstone of a functioning democracy, has become a punishable offense.

Castle also goes on that he's sure democrats are concerned they will soon see division like that in their own party as well.

The question I have in return is, is that a bad thing?

I for one support mostly Republicans because more often then not they are the ones who support smaller government and lower taxes.  When Democrats are pushing to spend an extra $1,000 of my money I don't want a republican who will "work with them" and justify it by saying its at least being spent on my state.  No, I want someone who refuses to work with them and says NO you cannot spend that money!

One of the reasons McCain lost wasn't because he didn't work with Democrats, he did.  In fact it was his working with them that produced the unconstitutional McCain Fiengold bill that stripped away political free speech.  It was his working with the Democrats that cost him votes.

ObamaCare was another perfect example.  Parts of it are already being found unconstitutional.  I don't want republicans who will work with Democrats to produce unconstitutional bills, I want Republicans who will stand up against them and say NO!

And as more Democrats who supported Clinton because of the balanced budget (delivered with help from the Republican house and senate) and attacked Bush II (rightly so) for his out of control spending now see the party that for the past 10 plus years championed itself as the party of Clinton's balanced budget now is spending levels that make the Bush deficits look good in comparison they will see the same thing if Republicans fail to turn things around.

People are sick of both sides.  They are sick of seeing half their incomes taken by local, state and federal governments and they are sick of the fat cat politicians who shrug their shoulders saying there is nothing to be cut and turn to the old fear stand by of police, fire and schools being impacted any time spending cuts are suggested.

The fact that these four wind bags from both parties are sitting arguing that they fail to understand why its a sin to work together on the growing deficits, unconstitutional bills and of all things fear that the Chinese are influencing NH elections proves that the house cleaning this past fall was long over due and I for one don't think we're through yet.