Apology for the wrong thing

The Union Leader ran a story this week about the CEO of Massachusetts Health Care System issuing an apology for using models at bone marrow drives.  You can read the story in full HERE.

The head of the Massachusetts health care system under scrutiny by New Hampshire and Massachusetts authorities said Tuesday it was a mistake to hire professional models for its bone marrow donor drives and that it had discontinued the practice.

"Let me say right from the start that the use of professional models for marketing purposes here was not appropriate for an academic health care organization like ours, which holds itself to the highest standards," wrote John O'Brien, president and chief executive officer of UMass Memorial Health Care Inc., in a memo to more than 13,000 member physicians and staff.

Further down in the story it states:

New Hampshire authorities are investigating why UMass Memorial charged an average $4,300 to do laboratory tests on the saliva swab samples taken from potential donors when several other registries charge $100 to $125 for the same test, Senior Assistant Attorney General James T. Boffetti said.

The problem isn't the use of models which they describe in the article as "Models wore lab coats, high heels, colored wigs and acted in a "flirtatious" manner".  If an attractive woman or man flirting with people gets them to sign up to save a life there's no problem.  That's great.  The problem is that they where inflating the charges of a $100 job to over $4,000.

With all the complaints about high health care costs and out of control insurance rates, right here is a prime example of part of the problem.

So by all means, use models, use strippers, use hookers if that's what it takes to get more people sign up but stop ripping off the insurance companies.  Based on the number of attractive women willing to strip down to lettuce bikinis or less to support events for PETA I'm positive that we can fine a number of attractive men and women willing to show a little skin to save human lives as well.  Hell if I could get even 10 people willing to sign up as bone marrow donors I'd be willing to parade around in a thong, although I think I could get more people to sign up to prevent me from doing so.