Food For Thought on Tax Cuts and Food Stamps

Here's some food for thought this Holiday season as I'm sure many of you struggle with bills and see our taxes on nearly every level continue to rise and rise.

With the discussions in Washington on what should be done about the tax cuts that are expiring we continue to hear from Democrats how much government revenue will be lost from the tax cuts to the rich.  Watch how they word this though, it isn't phrased as "government revenue" its instead phrased as how much it will "cost us".  Interesting observation but not the point I'm making here.

As they continue going on about the deficit and how much revenue will be lost, stop and read the following about the types of programs that money is going toward, full article can be read HERE:

Some Universities, like Portland State University, according to this article by The Daily Caller, actually encourage their students to apply because “college is hard work!,” a direct quote from their Web site.


The Food Stamp program has evolved quite a bit in the past decade, and even has a new name – SNAP. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, is the new food stamp program and, according to Portland State University, “SNAP is not a charity. As a taxpayer, you are paying into this program and, when needed, you can reap the benefits.”

So college kids can eat better because of the money the government takes from you and I at the point of a gun leaving less for us to actually use to put our kids in college in the first place, ironic isn't it.

What bothers me most about that above statement is that Portland State University actually breeds the mentality into these kids that food stamps are not charity but simply an entitlement.

But the outrage doesn't end there...

Salon recently wrote an article about the college students who use food stamps to purchase gourmet food products, also known as “hipsters.” The sub-headline of the article is “They’re young, they’re broke, and they pay for organic salmon with government subsidies.


The students profiled in the piece both qualified for over $100 per month and used it to buy food at Whole Foods and other gourmet markets. According to one of the students, it was the “best” she had ever eaten. The luxury side of food stamps has come out of the change in the program. They are now on a debit card, and basically you can spend the amount you are designated each month without seeing it leave your personal checking account, the food is automatically paid for by the government. What you buy, however, is your choice. There are no limits on what you can buy, what stores you can shop at, or how many of the same items you can buy.

Organic salmon?  How many hard working Americans have to resort to eating Mac and Cheese out of a box just to save enough money to buy their kids Christmas presents and that one third or more taken from us is being given to college students buying organic salmon.

From the Salon article linked to above:

"I'm sort of a foodie, and I'm not going to do the 'living off ramen' thing," he said, fondly remembering a recent meal he'd prepared of roasted rabbit with butter, tarragon and sweet potatoes. "I used to think that you could only get processed food and government cheese on food stamps, but it's great that you can get anything."

When I went to college I was flat broke.  I did resort to the "living off ramen" thing along with a lot of foods from a can.  My nickname became Cheif Boy O' Barnes for a while.  I was so broke some weeks that I had to find out when bars had free buffets for happy hour so I could chow down a couple chicken wings and snack foods with a beer as my dinner.  But never once did I resort to hand outs.  When one of my roommates actually tried to give me $20 for a pack of hot dogs I refused it and gave him his money back.

I read about people not only taking government hand outs when they otherwise don't need it so they can upgrade from the meager foods some of the rest of us have to get by on but they also brag that this is great and I'm supposed to get upset that the government is going to lose out revenue from taxes on "the rich"?

The food stamp program alone costs this country $56 BILLION a year.  While some of that money does go to the poorest of the poor who do need help, a lot of it also goes to the "students" such as the ones given in the examples above.

Just some food for thought as you hear more about the evil Republicans pushing for tax cuts for the rich.