Blue Hampshire attacks the NHLA

I don't know why I continue to find myself amazed by things I read on Blue Hampshire but once again I am.  They wrote a slam article this week attempting to trash the NH Liberty Alliance.

Democrats have since nearly day one continue to attack the group and claim it is bias because Democrats time and time again end up with the lowest ratings where Republicans score far higher.  They ignore of course that the NHLA's current board has a fair share of Democrats on it as well as Republicans and that their bill rating is done in a manor that is about as open and honest as you can get.

They look at each bill and ask, does this give a person more or less personal freedom and liberty and based on the answer rate each bill accordingly.

For instance, if a bill requires you to contribute to a charity you disagree with that would be anti liberty.

A bill taking away your choice to wear a seatbelt or not, also anti liberty.

In both cases you are left with less freedom then before if the bill passes.

The NHLA also acknowledges that there are issues where both sides can claim to be the side of pro liberty.  Abortion being the most prominent example.  If you look at it from the point of view of the woman, pro liberty would be allowing her more control over her own body.  However if you believe as I do that the child inside of her is a life then your liberty cannot extend to harming others and the liberty of the child must be considered.

Because both sides have valid pro liberty arguments for them, the NHLA chooses not to include such bills in their ratings.

The same for same sex marriage since giving the government more power over defining marriage one way or the other is not increasing personal freedom since regardless of marriage being just a man and a woman or two men or two women, it's government giving permission and not individuals being free to choose for themselves.  The correct stance would be to move government out of defining marriage.  As a result, the NHLA does not rate same sex marriage related bills.

Blue Hampshire of course does not understand this which is why they wrote the article found HERE in which they clearly fail to understand how the NHLA ratings work.  In their minds, liberty is having the government force you to contribute to charities of it's choice, allowing teens to murder unborn children and having a government tell you who you can or cannot marry.