Is Sarah the right's version of Hillary Clinton?

I received an email today showing a video of Sarah Palin reading cliff notes written on the palm of her hand during an interview.  Of course the left is riding this one for all it's worth.

Here's the video for anyone who hasn't seen this.

What's interesting is you continue to head time and time again from the left that any video making them look bad is trick editing, yet this video cuts off mid sentence and doesn't even share Sarah's complete thought.

Huffington Post actually supplied another shot that had a closeup on her hand so you can make out what was written there.


Lift American

Those five lines have gotten the left into a complete uproar.  Emails are going out about it.  There are multiple versions posted on youtube.  Blue Hampshire has it up as one of their leading stories today.

When the Democratic party has someone serving as president who sounds like a complete stammering idiot without his teleprompter you would think having 7 simple words written on a palm would be ignored as not a big deal.  And are any of those points really anything negative? 

The biggest issue you can possibly make of it is her crossing off budget cuts and instead writing tax cuts, but she's right on about how Americans think.  If you say you are going to cut spending they get scared because they think you'll cut something they want or need from the federal government, never mind that you could cut out whole departments and most of America wouldn't even notice.  But if you say you'll lower taxes, American see that.. they see the taxes cut from their pay each week and hate it.  Obama knew this and used it in his campaign offering larger tax cuts to most Americans then McCain would offer.

But yet Democrats are riding it for all it's worth.

Compare Sarah's notes to these videos...

As I watched the video and saw the rabid attacks on facebook by the left while ignoring their own parties members who make the seven words on Palin's palm seem pale in comparison I couldn't help think Sarah is the Hillary Clinton of the Republican party.  Now that's not to say Sarah is really anything like Hillary in politics or it appearance or even attitude.  No, none of that. 

What I mean by saying she's the Hillary Clinton of the right is that she brings out fear and hate from the left just as Hillary did from the right.  Prior to 2008, Republicans were so focused on Hillary they focused on little else.  They lost focus.  Instead of looking for a true leader to put up in 2008 they put 100% of their focus into shooting Hillary down.  By focusing on attacking rather then accomplishing or improving they failed.

Republicans could have put up a Scott Brown type candidate who ran a positive campaign and ran on the values that get Republicans elected (Lower taxes, national security, putting America first) but instead they focused on Hillary and spent their time attacking her to make sure she wasn't elected.  Problem is we got stuck with someone worse who Republicans didn't see coming.

Now Democrats are doing the same thing.  They are so focused on hating Sarah and attacking Sarah that little else matters to them.  They have come to the conclusion after the Massachusetts election that Obama isn't the great leader they thought him to be so they see Sarah as the same threat Republicans say Hillary as.  They know she wants to be president and they know they'd have a hard time beating her because right wing Republicans like her the same way left wing Democrats like Hillary.