The Same Sex Marriage Question

This past Tuesday was the start of the local election cycle here in NH.  Along with various town articles asking for new schools, fire stations and other various buildings there was an article put to vote in 133 different towns across the state.  The question was whether or not the people of NH should have a chance to vote on an amendment to the NH Constitution that defines "Marriage".  Make no mistake, this is about same sex marriage and the people rejecting what our state law makers have expanded marriage to include.

Of those that have voted so far 50 have passed the article asking for a statewide vote, and the article only failed in 12 towns.  12 other towns have voted to table the question avoiding having to take a stand one way or the other.  67% of NH towns want to be allowed to vote directly on the issue and only 16% voted against wanting direct say on the issue.

In Merrimack, home town of Nancy Elliott, there was an attempt to nullify the article which failed as well as a second attempt to reword the question which also failed so the article will go to the ballot in April as originally written.  Of those who spoke, most seemed to have no problem extending rights associated with marriage such as survival benefits, health insurance privileges etc to same sex "unions" but they were against expanding the name "marriage" to include same sex couples.

Now personally I could care less what two people call their relationship.  If two men or two women wish to call themselves married or even call themselves hamburgers it doesn't impact me in the least.  With our state in a budget hole of around $600 million and the state government is looking to continue increasing taxes as unemployment continues to rise.  This is a receipt for disaster which far out weighs what two men or two women call themselves but if you've listened to Democrats or read Democratic web sites such as Blue Hampshire, the same sex marriage issue has been their most talked about issue in the past year.  They have made it the focal point of their party.

It is becoming clear that same sex rights be not be the election winner that will distract voters away from all the other problems Democrats created but this may actually turn out to be an election loser for them.  People are rejecting it and upset with the idea it was thrust upon them without their say in the matter or over their objections to the matter.

What's also the most telling is that after weeks of coverage of Nancy Elliotts' comments and sites like Blue Hampshire going on for months now about same sex rights there is no coverage to be found in any NH media source or on any of the leading Democratic web sites discussing their recent loses on this issue.  Why so silent?