Obama's Executive Orders

I heard yesterday about one of Obama's executive orders being discussed on the radio that is predicted to have a sweeping effect on this nation for years to come.  At that time I did not manage to catch what this order was.

Today I took the time to look up Obama's executive orders for 2010, you can find them all HERE, and I found the one I believe they were discussing.  Order 13532, you can read in full HERE.

By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, in order to advance the development of the Nation's full human potential and to advance equal opportunity in higher education, strengthen the capacity of historically black colleges and universities to provide the highest quality education, increase opportunities for these institutions to participate in and benefit from Federal programs, and ensure that our Nation has the highest proportion of college graduates in the world by the year 2020, it is hereby ordered as follows

Now what caught my eye is that this order is not seeking to help ALL students, instead it is targeted to help blacks only.  That by definition is racism.

The next point that is of interest is the last part of that declaration, "ensure that our Nation has the highest proportion of college graduates in the world by the year 2020".  Quantity does not equal quality.  In fact if colleges have to lower their standards in order to meet new federal requirements pushing them toward graduating more people, or in the case of what Obama is pushing here more minorities, then it taints what those diplomas mean.

When looking at a doctor to perform surgery on your child would you look at someone from a school that was required to graduate more students and had to lower its standards or would you look at someone from a school that perhaps only graduated 4 students in a given year because of higher standards?  The person from the school with the lower standards might be just as good on the one from the other school but they may not be.

Also do we really need more college graduates?  There are only so many skilled jobs available.  Any given market in the US may only need 1,000 people with computer engineering degrees.  If colleges produce 2,000 graduates all that will result is more people seeking fewer jobs and the salaries offered will drop.  Companies will be able to find people willing to work for less.  And in cases where markets actually have a higher demand then the number of people seeking the jobs you see companies willing to train or in some cases lower their standards.  The high salaries motivate more people to train in those skills and the market eventually balances out.  Harder skills to learn keep salaries high rewarding those willing to go the extra effort to learn them while no skill jobs remain on the lower end of the pay scale.

The balance of the market is why you'll find people with masters degrees in liberal arts working in comic book stores while people with computer certifications who never even set foot in a college are walking jobs placing them in the top quarter of wage earners.

I have to wonder what the real motivation is behind this executive order.  And as they questioned on the radio program why such things are being done without any vote.  Obama is acting like the dictator here passing this by without any vote or deliberation from our elected representation in the house and senate.  That fact alone should be troubling to all.