Do Democrats Get It?

Never in my life have I see the government give the public the finger the way they did this week going against the popular opinion of the public and instead passing a health care bill the majority of this country objects to.

This means one of two things, either Democrats honestly believe the public does want what they've forced on us or they know we object and just don't seem to care.

Based on a recent Carol Shea-Porter ad I lean to believe that they really don't get it and they honestly think the American public does support them.

Does Carol think that standing up saying she supported one of the most unpopular bills in an ad paid for by a Government Employee Union and a George Soros front group will win her votes?  Perhaps she'd like to run a second ad showing her support for allowing children to get abortions without parental knowledge paid for by molesters and serial killers too?

It's clear she doesn't get it.  Maybe that's why her handlers have her campaigning in Boston, so she can continually be surrounded by like minded people telling her how popular and liked she is.  It wouldn't be the first time Democrats only listened to their own side.

Perhaps this is why Congress right now has only a 17.4% approval rating and 77% disapproval.