Democrat Standards For Themselves vs Others

Time and time again we see Democrats demand one level of accountability of their own vs everyone else and what we're seeing with Nick Levasseur the Democrat State Rep from Manchester is no exception.

What started it all off was a statement Nick made on facebook in which he stated "anime is a prime example of why two nukes just wasn't enough" referring the Japan.

The Union Leader reports that Democrats responded with the following statement:

Derek Richer in the state Democratic office said the party is "deeply disappointed. Levasseur was completely wrong," he said.

"We would expect him to step down from his seat if this happens again.

This ignores the fact that this already happened again.  This was the second time, not the first that Rep Levasseur made such ignorant comments.  The first time being when he stated on myspace that his hobbies included "the hunting of neo-conservative Reganites (a shooting sport".

When it came to Republicans or anyone right of center the tone has been different.  State Rep Jim Splaine had the following to say about Doug Lambert after his statement about Ray Buckley:

"It might even be in order for him to take some time off, forced to or otherwise."

Oddly though I cannot find any statements from Jim on what Nick said.

And Derek Richer who is so willing to give yet another chance?  When it came to Lambert's comments not only did he go after Lambert but he attempted to link such statements to anyone and everyone in the Republican party.

"His comments come as no surprise," said Democratic Party Press Secretary Derek Richer who wasted no time turning Lambert's comments into a condemnation of state Republican Party Chair John H. Sununu.

The fact that they went after Doug day after day and demanded everyone in the Republican party denounce his statements while shrugging off Nick's equally offensive statements not once but twice now shows that it isn't about what's being said, it's about politics.

Then again when it comes to attacking Republicans often times Democrats do not even need proof... only allegations.

Look at the example in the letters to the editor in the Nashua Telegraph.  The writer expressed disappointment with the Republican party because of claims that two black Democrats were called the N word and spat at.

Examination of the video however fails to support the claims.  Even with multiple videos from multiple angles none of them pick up any evidence of the N word being used much less being used multiple times as was claimed.  And the spittle?  Examining the video that picked up that incident shows it more of a case of an excited protestor shouting and sending some accidental spittle then anything intentional.  Yet as apparent even in the feedback to the letter on the Telegraph's site Democrats continue to use this to attack despite the lack of evidence supporting their claims.  They attacked Doug for weeks for his statement demanding everyone in the NH Republican party denounce it.

Then when it comes to Nick?  One more time and we might get mad at him about it.

Guys if you want to be taken seriously then you'd start holding your own to the same standard and the same level of scrutiny you expect of everyone else.