Time For Republican Feet To Be In The Fire

When it comes to wasting money people expect it of Democrats.  We see budgets jump by 10 percent or more, taxes increase faster then our pay increases could ever hope to keep up with and government grow to completely unnecessary levels.  Democrats typically don't campaign on lower taxes and when they do like Obama did it is usually found to be a lie fairly quickly after they win.

Republicans at least claim to be the party of fiscal responsibility.  They at least claim to support smaller government and lower taxes.  In some cases it's true.  When you look at ratings by groups like the National Taxpayers Union those who score the best are Republicans time and time again.  However there are RINOs and lower "r" republicans who think nothing of spending taxpayers money.

Then there are republicans like the currently unknown republican who spent $2,000 donated in an LA fetish club.  This was money donated by hard working people in hopes of getting rid of tax and spending democrats and hopefully replacing them with a true fiscally responsible Republican.  To allow this money to be squandered in a strip club watching lesbians going at it in a glass box is a slap in the face and it's something the Republican party needs to put a stop to instantly.

The rumor was it was RNC chairman Michael Steele but in the article I linked above it is reported it was not him.  Regardless of who it was, the republican party allowed this person to be reimbersed from the party funds.  Unacceptable.

It's bad enough that the Republicans put Steele in place as their leader considering his own irresponsible record of spending but now to allow this.  It's an insult to anyone who works to get true Republicans elected.

Until the Republican party puts a stop to this behavior and makes it clear that this inexcusable waste of money is not to be accepted I would like to publicly call to stop any donations to the National Republican Committee.  Donate directly to candidates themselves to make sure the money is used by good people to get them elected and hopefully this will show Republicans that while we as a country are completely feed up with the waste from the Democrats we aren't simply going to be satisfied voting "against" putting someone just as bad in their place.  This country did that already and now they are twice as mad and expect better.