Real Hate

There are two recent stories in the news talking about two different sides to the same problem.

In MA a beautiful teenage girl took her own life as the result of bullying behavior of other students.

Meanwhile in other news the Westboro Baptist Church continues to surface in the news because of their protesting outside the funerals of fallen soldiers.

What's interesting about these two stories is how they are both being covered.  In the first case it's being viewed as harassment that must be stopped but yet the second case the stories often turn to freedom of speech.  The more I consider both sides the more I cannot understand the logic.  How can it be viewed as acceptable to cause pain to a family in their darkest hour when they are about to lay someone they love to rest but yet it's not acceptable to cause pain to a child in school?

When it comes to the church group it says something when even the KKK puts out press releases distancing themselves.

Why are they not both viewed as cases of harassment?  Something to think about.