Stories In School

Yesterday I spent the evening at my daughter's school watching a show.  Over all it went well and the kids all had a good time.  The teaching staff and administration took turns reading stories to the kids all based around Mother Goose themed stories.  One story however struck me as being a little too preachy for a cause.

We all know the story of Humpty Dumpty right?  He falls off the wall and the kings horses and men couldn't put him back together again.  This story took up where that left off. 

Humpty is scooped up and rushed to a doctor who is able to save him and put him back together where the king's men couldn't.  The preachy part comes into play when the doctor gives Humpty the bill for the services.  Humpty is shocked that he'd have to pay for something as necessary as having his life saved and confesses to the doctor that being an egg he doesn't have any money.  The doctor's solution is for Humpty to talk to his friend the king.  Clearly since the king would send his horses and men to attempt to save humpty he would have no problem paying Humpty's doctor bill.

See where this is going?

Whether the school intended it or not this story was pushing the idea of government paid for medicine into the minds of the young and impressionable.  This has been a trick from the left for a while now, usually pushed in movies like Wall-e or and number of Penguin based movies.

It's stories like this one that have created the mentality that people have a right to a service provided by others even if they themselves cannot afford it.

The other problem with this is that you don't see counter stories, you no longer hear the story of the grasshopper and the ant with the moral of personal responsibility.  You have no counter arguments to balance these ideals out and allow children to form their own opinions based on both sides of an argument.

Even the story of Robin Hood has been hijacked by the left and twisted down to what they want it to be.  Ask a child or an adult for that matter the basic idea of the story of Robin Hood.  Anyone who thinks they know the story will answer the same way... Robin Hood robs from the rich and gives to the poor.  Problem is that's not the case.

In fact Robin Hood is the story of the Tea Party.  Robin Hood is a guy who strongly supports the second Amendment carrying his bow everywhere he goes.  He built an army (a militia) to fight the oppressive government.  And look closer at most tellings of the story, it isn't the rich he's stealing from.  It's Prince John and his tax collectors.  Robin Hood is stealing the money that was taken by force by the government and giving it back to the people who worked for it in the first place.  Of course you wont see stories like that told in any school because it promotes right wing ideas.