Sex Stories

Once in a while you see a letter to the editor that you think really nails it.  The Telegraph ran one this week that was exactly that.  You can read it in full HERE.

Dan Murphy questions why tax payer dollars are being used not even to crack down on rampant prostitution but instead to create sex stings on Craigs List.

The police created fake ads advertising sex for money and were able to lore in 8 lonely men looking for sexual intercourse.

From the letter:

Does anyone but me wonder why the Nashua Police Department is spending its time and the taxpayers’ money cracking down on crime that does not exist? (April 14: “Priest, 7 others held in sex sting”)

The police statistics say there were only three arrests for prostitution in the last two years – not exactly an epidemic.


The more enlightened Western countries have laws to protect buyers and sellers of sexual services from exploitation, not drive them into the underground economy where both are at risk.

I've argued this same point many times over.  Think about it logically.

If an adult man and woman (or even two men or two women) meet in a bar then leave together for the purpose of sexual intercourse, nothing is considered wrong with that.  The guy can even buy the woman a few drinks first without breaking any laws.

A guy can have an open relationship with a woman who sees other men.  He can buy her expensive gifts such as jewelry or even a car.  All of this is without breaking laws.

A married man or married woman can go to any number of internet venues such as or and arrange for sexual intercourse either with single people who don't care they are married or with other married people.  Again this is not illegal.

But now in any of these same cases of two consenting adults meeting for the purpose of sexual intercourse, if a price is agreed upon between both parties and money is exchanged for the purpose of sex then suddenly it becomes a crime.  That same man can spend just as much buying dinner and a movie for the same woman with both expecting the same outcome (uncommitted sex) but in one case it's fine and the other is not.

I think it's that most people are afraid that if we suddenly allowed prostitution to be legal that there would be brothels opening up in our back yards or that we'd see rampant sex on every street corner but would we really?  Would women living in nice neighborhoods in respected communities suddenly start have random sex if they aren't already?  Chances are it's the women already having random sex with men who would use something they currently do for free as a way to earn a better income for themselves.

Here's one more thing to consider.  If a man meets a woman and has a one night stand with her are you in any way harmed?  Of course not, and no crime is committed.  If that same man and woman meet and in having that same one night stand also agree to exchange $50 for the act are you somehow now harmed where you weren't before?  Yet somehow this is considered a crime and the first case isn't.  The real crime is that now you actually are harmed because your taxes have to increase to pay to punish the man and woman in the second case who exchanged money for sex.