Prevented From Working Until Debt is Paid Off

Russell Kanning is no stranger to being arrested so when I read on the NH Underground forum that he's been arrested again I usually just scan over it to see what he did now but this last arrest was a real eye opener and should be for all of us because it exposes a major flaw in our legal system.

Here's the key facts of the story.

Russell was married with children but for whatever reason was divorced.

Because of his anti government views Russell went underground at first working odd jobs that did not require him to show ID and refused to partake in the court system.  As a result he was prevented from seeing his children.

In talking to his ex-wife she agreed to let him back into the lives in his children so they can have a father in their lives as long as he paid child support.  They both agreed the court set amount was more then he made so she agreed to a lesser amount.

In order to get back into the lives of his children Russell went against his anarchist beliefs and got the necessary government paperwork to get a real job and went to work in order to pay the child support.

Just days into his job his name showed up in a government database of deadbeat dads who were not paying child support and the police moved in and arrested him.

Now he sits in jail until he pays the $10,000 back child support the government determined he owes.

The problem with this is according to his current wife Kat they only have about $100 in the bank and she doesn't make anywhere near enough to come up with the money required to set him free.

So he went to work to raise money so he can see his kids again, doing so flagged him in the system and he was arrested.  Now he's prevented from working until he can somehow raise the money he went to work to raise in the first place.

Who really loses here?  We all do.  His freedom has been taken away creating a situation he has no possible chance of getting out of and we the tax payers are being punished because money is taken from our wallets in order to keep him in jail indefinitely.