Is it Bush's fault?

In the discussion to one of my other article a regular Democrat reader attempted to point the finger regarding all the problems with today's economy on Bush II.  As I responded I found a link I'd like to share as it points out some interesting data regarding unemployment rates.  You can find the link HERE.

First of all let us first look at the fact that Democrats controlled Senate in 1980, 1987 - 1994 and 2007 through today.  They've controlled congress 1981-1986 and then 2007 through today.  They've controlled the presidency 1980, 1993-2000.

During that time it wasn't until 2001 that one party had full control over all three branches.  Starting in 1994 when Republicans took control over both houses under Clinton you can see that unemployment dropped from 6.6% to a historic low of 3.9% in 2000 which it remained under 5% until 9/11 when it did bounce up to 5% then peeking at 6.3% in 2003 before dropping back down to 4.4-4.5% in early 2007.

In 2007 Democrats had for the first time full control over both houses.  By the end of 2007 unemployment had gone back up to 5%.  By the end of 2008 it had hit 7.2%.  It was 7.6% when Obama took office with Democrats in full control of both houses under him.  Since that time it has hit 10% and remains hovering around 9.7%.

Given this data for what it is I have to ask what specific policy did Bush II sign into law that caused the problems and given the timing of when problems began how can Democrats claim to be blameless of any of it?

Just something to think about.