Kathy Sullivan Demands Republicans Denounce "Hate Speech"

Just a week after her party shrugged off a statement made by a Democratic state rep calling for more bombs on Japan, Kathy Sullivan comes out today in a press conference demanding that Republicans denounce the tea party and it's "hate speech".

This is the same woman who was caught in a lie attempting to slander the NH tea partiers with made up claims about them that were later disproven.

There isn't a peep out of her in regards to Carol Shea Porter and others making repeated comments using the term "tea bagger" in reference to the tea party protesters.

She doesn't bat an eye over any of this and yet it's the Republicans who should denounce this group that has not been proven to have done anything wrong based solely on her condemnation?  Condemnation coming from a woman who does not hold her own to the same standard even when proof is supplied of multiple offenses such as the case of Nick's statement calling for hunting of republicans (a shooting sport) or bombing of Japan

I have to ask, does anyone take this woman seriously any more?