Leading Us Where?

Have you seen the new John Lynch ad, "John Lynch Leads"?

Let's take a moment and actually examine what is being said here.

Claim #1 - He's taken action to put people back to work, job training, help for small businesses.

The problem with this claim is unemployment continues to rise.  In January 2009 unemployment was 5.1%,  By March 2010 they've risen to 7%.  That's a 2% increase in little over the past year.  Where is the improvement to brag about?

As for small business, according to the Tax Foundation NH has become one of the states with the higher tax burdens on businesses

New Hampshire's Corporate Income Tax System
New Hampshire's corporate tax structure consists of one bracket, with a rate of 8.5% of income for corporations with gross receipts over $50,000. Among states levying corporate income taxes, this top rate ranks the state 11th highest nationally. In 2008, state-level corporate tax collections (excluding local taxes) were $466 per capita, which ranked 2nd highest nationally.

Claim #2 - He cut spending and kept our taxes the 2nd lowest in the nation.

Anyone who's followed politics in the past 5 years know Lynch had no choice but to cut spending.  The budgets have increased so much while revenues fell far shorter then expected NH found itself in deficit spending the past few years.  It's no surprise that he makes this claim because UNH polls show that most people in the state aren't even aware we have a deficit on the state level.

What's also worth a closer look is how exactly Lynch has managed to keep the state taxes at the 2nd lowest in the Nation.  This is done with smoke and mirrors because in many cases the spending has been pushed to local levels where in the past it was done at the state.  Local school boards and Town board are finding state funding for everything from education to police and fire have been cut and they have to either cut their budgets making them the bad guys or increase local taxes.  Meanwhile Lynch by passing the buck can make the above claim showing his leadership.

Lynch also managed to keep the state portion of property taxes down by increasing taxes on businesses (as I linked to above) and increasing or creating a number of sin and/or nuisance taxes and fees.

When you calculate out what NH pays compared to other states for federal, state and local taxes combined we actually rank 28th not 2nd.  Passing the buck is NOT leadership.

Claim #3 He Stopped MA from taxing our businesses.

Well there's something to brag about!  He had no choice, do you honestly think anyone in NH would tolerate it if he allowed MA to violate the US Constitution and burden NH businesses with MA taxes?

Claim #4 Now NH is the safest state and best place to raise children.

Now?  This claim makes it sound like NH was a drug and murder capital of the world prior to Lynch stepping in to office.  Fact is NH has always been in the top for safest states in the country.  It's low crime rates was one of the driving facts of my moving here back in the late 1990s.

As for it being the best place to raise children that's subject to opinion.  Allowing children to get abortions without their parents knowing about it isn't exactly something I consider a qualification for being the best place to raise a child.  That aside though, what initiatives has Lynch driven to make NH better for kids?  Where are the examples backing his leadership?

That's the real picture of Lynch, not a leader but someone who says and does whatever he thinks will continue to keep him in office because he knows most voters aren't watching.