Illegals Taking Away From Americans

I saw two stories in the news this week that I think help demonstrate examples of how illegal immigrant harm Americans.

The first story is getting major news coverage as I type this, a little girl in an elementary school asked Michelle Obama if her mom would be deported for not having papers.  Here's a link to left wing liberal Keith Oberman's take on the story:

The first think that should jump out to everyone is how Oberman attempts to claim this is "anti immigrant".  Wrong Keith, it's anti ILLEGAL immigrant.

But think about it, as innocent as that child is can you think of any other law that we'd turn our backs on like we do on people breaking into our country?  If that little girl said her mom had heads in the icebox would we say we hope they don't take her mommy away?  Of course not.  The FBI and police would be breaking in the door minutes after hearing that news.  If she said her mom had a crystal meth lab in the basement again we'd expect to see drug enforcement officers hauling her away.  Yet she confesses that her mom broke into this country illegally and we say "yeah we need to fix that."  No, the fix is to kick in the door and arrest them for breaking our laws.

The second story is about 17 year old Gladys Castro who was accepted at UC Berkeley and who is graduating high school with a 4.09 GPA.  Problem is she's also here illegally so she cannot qualify for government loans due to her lack of a social security number.

They play it up in the news just like the little girl scared for her mommy.  Gladys is quoted saying "All I want is a chance."

Her statement is exactly the problem and is one that both these stories highlight and should be the focus instead of the left wing feel good slant we see.

In the first story count how many children are seated around Michelle Obama.  Only a small handful were given the chance to meet with the first lady.  This is something that should be considered an honor to any child but a US Citizen's child had their chance to meet the first lady taken away from them because of a child here illegally.

In the second story we see the same problem.  Berkley only has so much room and can only accept so many students each year.  By allowing someone here illegally to take one of those admission slots we are denying it from a US citizen.  There is also only so much money to be had, if we were to give a loan to an illegal alien we are denying that money from a US citizen, someone who's family is here legally and pays the taxes that allow for that education and loans.

Not to mention how many tens of thousands of dollars are taken from the wallets of hard working Americans to educate these children.  We're rewarding people who ignore our legal system and thumb their nose at our laws.

I don't fault them for wanting to better themselves and their families but I do fault them for how they do it.

Also if we reward people who ignore our rules that's a direct slap in the face to the millions of immigrants who do follow our rules and in some cases have waited years to come here legally.  Right now as I type this, my sister is sitting with her husband and child in another country because he is waiting for the legal paperwork to be approved for him to move here legally.  They've been married for a few years now and are expecting their second child yet he cannot come here to live despite the fact that his wife and first child and both considered US citizens.

If we want to feel bad for anyone the ones to feel bad for are the ones following the rules who get lost in the red tape, not those who break our rules and are worried about the consequences that come from their doing so.