Obama Bikini Chart

Have you seen the chart team Obama has been pushing lately?

I saw that posted by the "Beer Party" on facebook and as I looked at what it's showing it's clear that this chart is misleading in a number of ways.

The implication is that causation is Bush and the solution was Obama but if your a thinking person you look deeper.  For starters look closer at the dates.  We are expected to believe that even though things were find for 6 years under Bush that suddenly it was his policies starting in 2007 that caused jobs to begin tanking?  If we are going to look at generalities like that we are expected to believe it has nothing to do with the fact that Democrats took over the majority in the House and Senate in the 2006 elections?

If you look up the same data expanded on a slightly larger timeline, you'll see a different picture then the above chart implies.  You can pick your own timeline HERE.  The government's data shows positive growth right up until the dip shown above with the exception of 2001 which I think we can all agree we understand the cause there.

Another fact to consider is that over time as job loss continues there are fewer and fewer jobs to lose.  If the entire work force is say 100 jobs and one month you lose 10, the next month you lose 10, the month after you lose 30, and then you lose 30 more.  Well now you've dropped so low that there are only 20 jobs left total to lose.  If you were to change the chart to show current employment levels it would show a downward arrow continuing until Feb '10 and considering that we've pumped in over 1 Trillion in stimulus money you would expect some upward bounce.  The question you need to ask is whether it's a temporary bounce or a full rebound.

For it to be a full rebound we need to recoup all the jobs already lost as well as making up for the growth in population during that time.  Just to keep a flat unemployment rate there needs to be positive job growth greater then the increase in new workers.  In other words if your population increases by 10,000 people in a given month but job growth is increasing only 5,000 you'll actually see higher unemployment because the number of jobs isn't making up for increased population.

Another question that comes to mind is how much of the rebound in jobs is due to all the temporary make work and government jobs created by the trillion dollar stimulus?  If the jobs are temporary we will see that chart dip back down once those jobs dry up.

I attempted to open up a discussion wth the group over at the "Beer Party" but it became very clear that they take that party title very seriously and apparently were no longer able to carry on an intelegent conversation.

Responses I received ranged from bringing up filibustering which they were unable to show how that corresponded to the chart in any way to bringing up the two wars which again they were unable to show how they correspond to the dates shown on that chart.

Here's a couple of my favorite comments:

Bob Zubritsky Why do the facts hate America?
Svetlio Zlatev Rednecks must be "Extinguished" to respond to Palin's "Targeting" of political districts :P
Reagan Boyd Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads".
John Arnold Can I have my country back - to a time before someone whispered "trickle-down" in Reagan's wife's astrologer's ear?
That's what we're dealing with folks, people who are more interested in catchy slogans or talking points but have no interest in facts or details.  I would highly encourage others to go on facebook and link to "the Beer Party" and try to engage them in debate.  Perhaps if enough of us hit them with enough facts it might at least wake one or two of them up... although I doubt it.