Blame or Criticism

Do Democrats not understand the difference between criticism and blame?  The reason I ask is because of a recent letter to the editor in the Telegraph which you can read in full HERE.

The letter states:

Many are trying to blame President Barack Obama for the Gulf oil spill. I would rather look at root causes and blame actor and former GE spokesman President Ronald Reagan.

Moving past the absurdity of pointing fingers at a dead president from over 20 years ago, the author of this letter, John Conaway, seems to think people are trying to blame Obama for the spill.  Now I'm sure you will find some who are pointing to things Obama did or could have done but anyone serious understands that there is enough blame from every side on this one that no one person is to blame.

That said, Democrats control our government.  They control the house.  They control the senate.  And it's their guy right now sitting in the White House and Obama failed to act.

What he's being criticized for and rightly so is that this problem went on for weeks before he actually came out and showed any signs of taking it seriously.

Even liberal James Carville came out criticising him saying:

“And he just looks like he is not involved in this,’’ James Carville, the Democratic strategist and television pundit, said from Louisiana in the video. “Man, you got to get down here and take control of this and put somebody in charge of this thing and get this thing moving. We’re about to die down here.’’

The fact of the matter is he isn't handling this situation as well as people would hope.  He hasn't stepped up and taken control and shown himself to be a leader and even fellow Democrats like James Carville can see he's failing.  The best we have from Obama so far is a bunch of sound bytes saying he needs to find out who's ass should be kicked as the oil continues to spill freely destroying everything in the gulf.

Letters like this one don't surprise me though.  I suspect you will see more and more letters attempting to shift focus away from their failures and absolve them of any responsibility.

Democrats have nothing but finger pointing, deflections and blame to run on in November.

  • They ran on Bush's spending but they've gone above and beyond any level of spending even in Bush's worst.
  • They ran against the war but now while in full power they continue the wars and they fool some by claiming they are withdrawing combat troops but when people see "peace keeping" troops going back in their place they aren't stupid, they see it as nothing more than smoke and mirror games.
  • They ran on closing down Gitmo yet it's still open.
  • They ran against Bush's wire tapping but Obama signed it back into law and expanded it's powers.
  • They ran for open government but have done more behind the scenes and in private than any administration before.
  • They pushed through a health care plan the American public is rejecting which many of them admitted they hadn't even read when they voted it into law.
  • Several Democrats like Carol Shea Porter ran claiming those in office with 83% voting records were nothing more then rubber stamps for Bush and unable to think pass party lines but yet now we see them voting 97+% in line with the Democrat party line showing no independent thought of their own.

Even on the state level we see nearly every single major newspaper in the state blasting Lynch for his failing to come up with a level budget and we see our state deficit continue to climb with Democrats pushing for new taxes such as income taxes on top of what we already have taken from us as their solutions.

What do Democrats have other than blame, finger pointing and deflections? Nothing.