Hippies Hate The Environment

When you think of the people who follow around bands like Phish you think hippies who are all into peace and love.  You think of the people who push volunteerism in Green Peace or who are pushing petitions to save the world in some way or another.  What you don't think are people who destroy the environment and put only themselves first, yet this seems to be the case of who these people really are.

In upstate New York this past weekend Phish played a two night show at SPAC in Saratoga.  Having grown up there I can tell you that the area is beautiful, the stage is in the center of a state park surrounded by picturesque forest.  Following the concert several of my relatives and family members wrote of the trash that had been left behind in the park and how the area looked more like a war zone then a forest park.  The ground was left scattered with food wrapper, non recyclable bottles, discarded clothing and other random objects.

If the "hippies" can't set a good example then who can?  Of course I also heard it said more then once that hippie and hypocrite aren't that far apart.