Man On The Street

I'd like to start what I hope to be something I can continue on a regular basis, I picked a regular average guy on the street who isn't involved in politics and struck up a conversation with him about the New Hampshire political scene.

In my first experiment I struck up a conversation with a guy about a Guinta for Congress sign and asked him about his opinions of Carol Shea Porter.  The gentleman who will remain anonymous right away identified Carol as "that woman in the news always saying the stupid stuff".  To that I agreed saying yes, she's the one who claimed men in the federal government are the cause of things not getting done.  He shook his head, no that other stupid thing she said.

Oh, I thought, you mean when she had the cop forcibly removed and arrested from her town hall meeting because she dislike his questions?  Nope, he again disagreed, the other stupid thing.

When she had a US Veteran arrested because he quoted the NH constitution in a letter to her?  Nope... the other stupid thing.

When she called in hazmat teams because someone protesting her out of control spending habbits sent her tea as part of the tea protest and she couldn't tell the difference between tea and white anthrax powder?  No, the other stupid thing.

That she ran claiming Bradley was a rubber stamp for Republicans and then turned around and voted in line with Democrats 98% of the time or any other of her hypocritical claims against Bradley that she went and did the same things she complained about?  Nope.

At this point I was dumbfounded, what stupid thing did Carol say that this gentleman was clearly upset at her for saying?

"She's the one who went on about the gays."

OMG, it then hit me, Carol in this man's mind has blurred with other women in politics and he's crediting her with statements Nancy Ellott made.

As I continued the conversation it became more and more apparent that state and local politicians and even policies were just a blur.  He knew who Lynch was and he knew some politicians names based on political signs but he had no idea which party anyone was in or who was responsible for what.

Unfortunately this guy isn't alone.  Many Obama voters had no idea which party was in control of the House and Senate prior to Obama's victory.  They simply attributed everything they saw as wrong to Bush just as we now see them attributing everything to Democrats and Obama.  Carol Shea Porter has done plenty wrong and deserves plenty of criticism but she's also become the projected figure who is attributed for everything other political woman do and say. 

Since Democrats now hold the figure heads in 3 of our 4 federal positions, control the presidency and both houses and control the governor seat and all branches in NH people are seeing them as the root of all the problems we have now.  Unless they have something other then finger pointing to show for themselves it's going to be a very nasty November and as of right now they don't have anything to show besides increased debt, continuing the war and polices they blasted Bush over and a long list of blunders such as those I listed about Carol.