Carol's Lack Of Popularity

It's often that if you look closely you'll find signs of things to come if you know where to look.  I ran across a strong sign while looking at a few pages on facebook.

First I looked at the facebook page for Frank Guinta, which at the time of my writing this shows that 3,147 people have liked or friended him.

As a comparison I went over to the facebook page for Carol Shea-Porter.  She has just 1,608 people friending/ liking her.

Republican poll runner up Sean Mahoney has 2126 people friending/ liking him.

I think it's a strong sign when not one but both of the two leading candidates seeking to oust Carol have hundreds more following them then she has following her and she's been in office two terms now.

Assuming the majority of those supporting one Republican over another end up breaking for the winner over Carol it's clear that she's going to face a very bad November.