Look Deeper At The Polls Blue Hampshire Pushes

Blue Hampshire is at it again, I love reading them to see the new attempt Democrats are putting out to spin things in their own favor.  The most recent spin comes in the form of an article titled "What's the only thing worse then a Palin endorsement"

In the article they point to an NBC poll (you can see the poll in full HERE) which asked the question how they would feel if a candidate were endorsed by Sarah Palin to which the responses were:
8% Enthusiastic
17% Comfortable
15% Some Reservations
37% Very Uncomfortable

Blue Hampshire and the main NBC article they link to of course leave off that the poll shows 21% responded it makes no difference.

Compare that with the responses on candidates endorsed by Obama and keep in mind the margin of error is listed at + or - 3.10%

10% Enthusiastic
26% Comfortable
13% Some Reservations
30% Very Uncomfortable
20% No Difference

So when you really stop and think about it, their best guy isn't doing much better then a renegade who the media is trying to paint out as the next leader of the Republican party.

But even so this implies things are going better for Democrats.  It isn't until you dive deeper into the results that Blue Hampshire and NBC don't discuss that you realize how bad things really are for the Democrats right now.

To the question, is the country headed in the right track or wrong track? 29% right track to 62% wrong track.  Compare that to Sept 2006 when Democrats began winning heavily over Republicans in elections when polls showed 31% right track to 54% wrong track.

Do you approve of the job Obama is doing as president?  45% approve to 48% disapprove.  This marks the first time since he was elected that his disapproval rating has passed his approval and is a huge drop from his high of 60% approve to 26% disapprove.

Do you approve of Obama's handing of the economy?  46% approve to 50% disapprove.

Which would you prefer of the outcome of this years elections? Republican controlled congress 45%, Democrat controlled congress 43%, not sure 12%

Do you see your vote as a way to send a signal to Obama?  Signal in support 27%, signal of opposition 32%, no signal at all 39%, not sure 2%.  Compare this to the results from Jun 2006, 21% support, 38% oppose and 39% no signal.

Should your representative in congress be relected?  35% yes, 57% no, 8% not sure.

Of those who supported Republican control the top 3 priorities were in order:
Reduce government spending - 39%
Repeal new health care legislation - 28%
Keep taxes down - 17%

Compare that with the top 3 priorities of those who support Democrats:
Look out for the working people - 45%
Support policies of Barack Obama - 29% (interesting they leave this as such a generic choice)
Support new health care legislation - 19%

A few other interesting responses in the poll are:

Supports repealing the health care legislation:
26% enthusiastic
21% comfortable
15% some reservations
25% very uncomfortable
10% makes no difference
3% not sure
47% support repealing it and only 40% were against.

Supports cutting federal spending:
34% enthusiastic
35% comfortable
15% some reservations
8% very uncomfortable
7% makes no difference
1% not sure
I think the choice here is clear what people want.

Someone running as an independent not affiliated with either party:
13% enthusiastic
33% comfortable
17% some reservations
6% very uncomfortable
29% makes no difference
2% not sure

Voted for the stimulus package:
9% enthusiastic
30% comfortable
20% some reservations
26% very uncomfortable
13% makes no difference
2% not sure

Voted for the health care reform law:
17% enthusiastic
22% comfortable
14% some reservations
36% very uncomfortable
9% makes no difference
2% not sure
That's only 39% supporting and 50% against

The most telling of all the questions however is the one asking "how confident are you that Barack Obama has the right set of goals and policies to be president of the United States"
21% - Extremely Confident
19% - Quite Confident
22% - Somewhat Confident
37% - Not at all Confident

Obama is just a year and a half into his presidency yet he's getting near the same lagging responses in the polls that Bush began getting in 2006 after years of Democratic control media hounding and attacking him at every turn and the over hyped movies of Michael Moore and ads by Move On being pushed.  Obama's had the media out right admit they were supporting him and yet he's seeing the American public turning on him just as drastically.  It's no wonder Blue Hampshire and other Democrats are looking everywhere and anywhere to find something to attack and take the focus of themselves.  They won in 2006 and 2008 by getting people to vote against Bush, now they control it all and have nothing people want to vote for.

So getting back to the title of the Blue Hampshire article asking what's worse then an endorsement by Sarah?  The answer is clearly a Democrat currently in office who supports spending, voted for the health care bill and voted for the stimulus.