Where In The World Is Carol Shea Porter

Interesting editorial in today's Union Leader.

Two years ago, Reps. Carol Shea-Porter and Paul Hodes held telephone town hall meetings during the Memorial Day recess. This year they held none, deliberately avoiding interactions with the public.


"With images of overheated, finger-waving crowds still seared into their minds from the discontent of last August, many Democrats heeded the advice of party leaders and tried to avoid unscripted question-and-answer sessions. The recommendations were clear: hold events in controlled settings -- a bank or credit union, for example -- or tour local businesses or participate in community service projects."

People of New Hampshire, this is a bloody outrage.

After assuring us that they would be independent voices for New Hampshire down in Washington, Hodes and Shea-Porter have spent the past three years voting as Nancy Pelosi has told them to vote. (According to The Washington Post, Paul Hodes votes with the Democratic majority 95.3 percent of the time, and Shea-Porter does 97.9 percent of the time.)

Considering Carol ran around from town meeting to town meeting when first running for office calling Bass a rubber stamp for Bush despite having a in line voting percentage far less then either Shea-Porter or Hodes and she claimed he never listed to the people, how can she in good faith live with her own actions?

Democrats right now have nothing to run on.  They push a trillion dollar spending plan claiming it would keep unemployment from going past 8%, now we're at 9.9%.  They pushed through a health care plan claiming it would lower costs which we now see is a lie, the plan begins to tax people now but does not offer any services for the first few years giving an impression of a revenue that doesn't exist.

And let's not forget Carol's main campaigning point in 2006 when she first ran for office, she would end Bush's war in Iraq.  Well it's 2010 now and the Democrats who claimed they'd end the war are in full control of both houses (have been since 2006) and control the presidency and we're still in Iraq.  Democrats continue to claim they are removing "Combat troops" but at the same time they are replacing them with "peace keeping troops", do they think people are that stupid to think these are somehow different troops?

Public meetings would allow the same people who believed in Carol and Paul to ask questions which would expose the lies and unfulfilled promises.  The best chance Democrats think they have in the November elections is to hide out and hope they can ride out one more term from the anti Bush wave they captured in 2006 and 2008.