Sad Week For Yankee Fans

As a huge baseball and fan of the New York Yankees this has been a devastating week.  Not only are we morning the loss of a great voice of baseball with the death of Bob Sheepard the longtime Yankee announcer but now we've lost one of the greatest owners in baseball, George Steinbrenner.

George was one of those people everyone loved to hate, Yankee fans and haters alike, but he knew how to build a ball club.  In 1973 George purchased the struggling NY Yankees from CBS for $10 million.  CBS even threw in two parking garages which they later bought back for $1.2 million.  The team is now worth over a billion dollars showing George as a example for capitalism and showing how successful businessmen can help grow this country as a whole.  Just think of how many people owe their livelihoods to the Yankee empire.

We'll miss you George!