Looking back at Carol's week

I wanted to wait until all was said and done with the reflections of Carol Shea Porter before I added my two cents to the hoopla.

For starters it has become very clear that Democrats are desparate.  She's losing badly in the polls and the more and more news surfacing about her is all bad, the only thing Democrats can brag about it all the money she's getting because they are pumping it in from all out of state sources.

Seriously, go over to Blue Hampshire and read what they were able to come up with positives for her.

I'll give you my top 10 list of why Carol needs to go.

1) She has publicly shown herself to not understand the Constitution and admitted she doesn't care if the government goes beyond what the Constitution limits it to in Article I Section 8.

2) She has had people locked up and forcefully removed for speaking out against her.

3) Her over reactions where not a single other government official reacted costs us tax dollars.

4) She's the 2nd highest tax and spender of all four federal level politicians in NH.

5) She's a sexist.

6) After campaigning claiming Bradley was a rubber stamp for the Republican party with no independent thoughts of his own she now boasts a 98% in party voting record showing no independent thoughts of her own.

7) She lied to the people of NH by adding her name to the sponsors of the bill calling to audit the FED only to turn around and vote against it when push came to shove.

8) While claiming to be the best friend for veterans she voted to support a tax on prosthetic limbs, Democrats attempt to claim that this will be covered through Tricare but the premiums were increased on all veterans.

9) She's a socialist.

10) She supports banning of guns.