Disagreements in the Barnes Home

My wife and I don't always see eye to eye on politics.  We agree on local politics but that's because parties are taken out of it so we both get a chance to see the facts and neither are clouded by party lines.  When it comes to state issues we tend to agree on the issues as well but we do find ourselves disagreeing somewhat on who to support.  In some cases though we do find local choices for state rep that we both see as good choices because of their support for individual rights, supporting of lower taxes and push to keep government out of our day to day lives.

Perfect example of a state rep choice we both agree one hundred and ten percent on is Merrimack's Dick Berry.  You'll have to look hard to find a better choice for state rep then Mr Berry.  Another great representative that she and I agree fully on is Manchester's Joel Winters.  These are examples of a Republican and a Democrat that she and I both see across party lines to support.

But that's not always the case.  Last week I came home from a training course I'd been at to find a huge John Lynch billboard taking up half my law and blocking out the Frank Guinta sign I had up.

So being as she and I both agree on most issues on a state and local level what exactly she saw in Lynch that she felt deserved support.

Was it his budgets that continue year after year to dig the state further into deficit holes?

Was it his stripping away of parents rights over their kids?

Is it the fact that now under Lynch's leadership NH has earned the rating of "Hostile" for home schoolers?

Vetoing medical marijuana despite overwhelming support for it?

If there is any question of who Lynch puts first just look at the side of the truck following his supporters in the local parades.  Local teamsters union was printed in big letters right down the side.

I asked her if it's his fake support he shows for victims every time there's a state emergency.  She knows the people devastated by the Merrimack floods two years in a row and she knows he was quick to show up in his yellow rain slicker for the press but outside of what help insurance companies gave, the victims got nothing but slick talk from the Governor.  And being hit hard in the ice and wind storms that hit NH, losing power in both cases for several days and suffering extreme damage to my barns, my wife knows the state did nothing to help us in either case.

When push came to shove the only reason she was able to come up with for support Lynch was his pushing for furlough days for state employees, which wouldn't have even been needed had he kept spending in line in the first place.  And while the SEIU finally did take 18 furlough days take a closer look at their contract.  With the increased retirement benefits they received the only ones coming out hurt in the end will be the tax payers.

Finally she gave up insisting there were good reasons to support Lynch even though she couldn't think of them and once again there will be a his and her side of the Barnes' lawn.