That's No Republican

From the years I've been involved in political debating and politics in general I've found that usually when something smells fishy there's a reason for it.

This seems to be the case regarding the controversy surrounding "republican" candidate Ryan J. Murdough.  Ryan signed up to run for state rep for Grafton County District 8.  In a letter to the editor in the Concord Monitor Ryan wrote the following:

I am running as a candidate for state representative in Grafton County District 8. I am running as a Republican, but I have been endorsed by the American Third Position. I am also the American Third Position state chairman of New Hampshire. The American Third Position is a political party that stands for the interests of white Americans.

"I am running as a Republican", that struck me as odd.

It apparently struck others as odd as well because NH GOP spokesman Ryan Williams looked up Ryan J. Murdough's voter registration from 2008 and found he was registered independent.  Further more doing a whois search against the website "AMERICAN3P.ORG" reveals that it was first registered in Oct 2009.

Given this I wouldn't at all be shocked to find this is yet another Democratic plan to try to make Republicans look bad, after all they were caught doing this with the tea party groups.  So far though there isn't any proof of this.

Best guess is this Ryan J. Murdough is just some random nut who lives in a mostly Republican town so he thought he could use the Republican party as a platform to launch his own party into State office.  I have yet to hear any true Republican willing to even consider him or take him seriously though.

What's more troubling though is how Blue Hampshire is using this sole nut case to attack Republicans and even attack NH Insider. Jim Splaine wrote an article titled "REPUBLICANS: What The Hell Is This About?" which he attempted to link Murdough views to NH Republicans as a whole.  Joe Kelly Levaasseur correctly called him out writing:

Mr. Splaine, I am deeply troubld by your post on BlueHampshire attacking the republican party because of one lunatic running for state representative. Jim, you have been able, over your long career, to cross party lines, someone that many republicans have respected for yuor seriousness and your professionalism and mostly because you have always been respectful of people no matter what party they are from. I am not sure why you posted that headline. I'm not sure what caused you make such a knee jerk reaction. What I do know, is that it is below your standards and it certainly is not the way for you to go out. There isn't one republican that could take this idiot seriously, and as you are well aware, the republican nor the democratic pary can stop nuts from running for political office. Your post is innapropriate for the standard that you have set for yourself over the years. I wish you would take it down. Thank you.

Jim Splaine has proven himself to be a partisan hypocrite on a number of cases, when it comes to trashing Republicans such as he did in this case he's quick to come out swinging just as he did when Doug Lambert made his comments which Doug has since been ostracized for, but to this day I have not seen a single comment from Jim regarding the racist remarks made by Democratic state rep Nick Levassaeur who wrote his hobbies include hunting republicans and made the claim that two bombs on Japan weren't enough.  When I see Jim holding his own to the same standards he hold Republicans I'll think otherwise but until then I'll call them as I seem them and he has been a partisan hypocrite.

What is even more interesting are the comments that were made by Thomas Simmons on Blue Hampshire in regards to the articles Jim put up.

There has been a running commentary on America 3rd on NH Insider... (0.00 / 0)

...I wonder of there is a personal connection....odd that both the letter and the NH Insider story occurred one after the other...

Unfortunately.... (4.00 / 1) I've said before, the same filth from the same group has been splashed on both NH Insider and Granite while there has been the Necessary Token Condmenation on the RH site, the group continues to foment hatred on the more-widely read sites of the Right Wing - with no outrage expressed by the GOP there.

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The "filth" he's referring to on this site are unfiltered press releases.  Bob, the owner of NH Insider goes out of his way to allow ALL views to be expressed here and when he receives press releases he prints them as written for viewers to analyze and make their own judgements on.  I have not seen anything on this site to ever make me believe that anyone writing on it or associated with it is a racist.
I find the above comments especially troubling considering their source.  Thom Simmons claims to be a libertarian who was unsure what party to join.  He asked members of the free state project to help him given his views and after discussions he eventually sided with being a Democrat.  For someone who was so unsure of which party to side with he sure has taken a firm hold of the Democratic side not to mention for someone who claims to be libertarian he of all people should see this site as fair and unbalanced, after all there are other libertarians such as Matt Simons who write here and people like myself, who while I don't consider myself a libertarian I see myself as a constitutionalist and I do call out republicans when they have it coming.
Unless Thom can produce evidence supporting his claim, which I would be happy to be the first to discuss and debate, I strongly suggest he withdraw his claim and issue an apology to the owner and affiliates of this site.