The Ground Zero Mosque

A lot has been said from both the right and the left about the Mosque at ground zero.  Both sides also have many valid points but I think both sides miss one major point.

Just because you have the right to do something does not mean it's a good thing nor does it protect you from any backlash that you may receive from exercising that right.  But let's not beat around the bush here, Muslims know full well how much backlash the building of this Mosque will bring and they don't care.  They are building at the given site because of what happened there, not in spite of it.

I liken this to the group who protests at the funerals of US soldiers.  Free speech?  Yes.  Good taste?  No.

It's a form of harassment and by that grounds should be prevented just as we have other limits on free speech when it crosses the line and becomes harassment.  This is why people in a professional work environment cannot get away with saying offensive things to other people they work with and now many states are looking to create anti harassment and bullying laws in schools.  We draw limits there, why not here given that the reason for the Mosque is just as hateful?

There is a very fine line there but if we are going to prevent freedoms in some cases because they cross the line of harassment then we must be willing to consider this example as well.