Party of No Could Haunt Democrats

Over the weekend I was listening to Democrats railing about Republicans being the party of "No" and it occurred to me that Democrats are digging a huge hole for themselves with this slogan.

We've seen time and time again, whenever a party gains power the other party digs its feet in and refuses to support any ideas it disagrees with.  While Democrats are acting like this is something new it's not.  They've done it under Bush for instance.

But now they've campaigned on the fact Republicans are the party of "No" making it a bad thing to say no to whatever the other party pushes.  This will come back to haunt them if they lose power of the house and senate over the next two election cycles because they'll be painted into a position where they have to work with Republicans on whatever they put up or they'll look like hypocrites.

Now don't get me wrong, I fully expect them to have no problem saying no to things they disagree with and they'll act like it's not a problem but the point is they will prove themselves hypocrits in doing so.

The way I see it is like a parent.  Democrats see it like a child.  As a child you want things and you want those who will say yes to everything.  Can I have this toy?  Yes.  Can we go to this movie?  Yes.  Can we go to the park?  Yes.  But parents don't have unlimited bank accounts and they know saying yes isn't always the best thing.  Sometimes you need a parent to say no you can't stay up all night, you have school tomorrow.  No you can't buy a new computer game, it costs too much money.

We've had Democrats in control of the house and senate since the 2006 elections and in full power since 2008 and they've said yes yes yes and what has it gotten us?  Unemployment has gone up and up since 2006 and the economy has gone down and down.  The national debt has sky-rocketed and we've had a health care bill forced on us that the more the we learn about it the worse we find it actually is and the more the American public object to it.

Maybe it's time we had someone in power who would say no once in a while and when they are busy saying no new taxes, no new spending, no more expansions to government I'd like to see what Democrats do.