Endorsements for 2010 Elections

For those who follow my articles and even slightly agree with my views I have compiled a list of people running for various positions who I feel deserve to be elected.  This is not a complete list as there are many good candidates running who I currently do not know anything about.  As I learn more about who is running for office and I feel there are other candidates worthy of support I will try to publish additional endorsement lists.

If you are running for office and feel your views support my own views of expanding personal liberty, less government, less government spending and lower taxes then email me at Lildog@comcast.netand include a link to your website if available.  If I like what I read I will include your information on my next update.  Also stay tuned because I hope to release the 2nd questions and answers as I did in the 2008 election.  I will post a series of questions and post the answers verbatim from any candidates that send in answers.  As I did last time I will post them without comments or edits so people can read and make up their own minds about what the candidates had to say.


Governor- Despite the huge Lynch sign my wife planted on my lawn I have to go with John Stephen (R). 

State Representative:

Hillsborough 11 - Shuvom Ghose (R)
Hillsborough 17 - Tammy Simmons (R)
Hillsborough 17 - Rich Tommasso (L)
Hillsborough 17 - Joel Winters (D)
Hillsborough 19 - Dick Barry (R)
Hillsborough 19 - Phil Straight (R)
Rockingham 09 - Dan Itse (R)

State Senate:

At this time I do not feel I know enough about those running to make any endorsements.

Federal positions:

Of the four federal politicians NH has representing us (Hode, Shea-Porter, Shaheen and Gregg) the only one I would even slightly consider sending back for an additional term is Hodes (D) but it would depend highly on who he runs against as currently there are far better choices on the Republican ticket.

At this time for Senate I feel the choice comes down to Ovide Lamontagne (R) or Jim Bender (R).

As far as Congress goes, if I had to pick just one NH politician that needed to go Carol Shea-Porter would top that list.  Against Carol I'm backing Frank Guinta.

Regarding Congress District 2 I'd go with Jennifer Horn.