Final list of endorsements for primary 2010

I apologize for the lateness of this last updated list of endorsements but sometimes life gets in the way of our being able to do the things we'd like to do.

In addition to the list of candidates I listed prior I am adding three additional endorsements.

For Goffstown and Weare I am recommending Mark Warden for state rep.

For state Senate District 9 of which Merrimack and Bedford are part, I am recommending Dave Danielson for state senate.

And lastly for Senate while I still think Ovide would make a good choice I am going to officially side with Jim Bender.

So here is the final list of my recomendation which is not to say these are the only good choices but they are the choices I find I most strongly support.

Governor - John Stephen

State Representative:

Hillsborough 7 - Mark Warden (R)
Hillsborough 11 - Shuvom Ghose (R)
Hillsborough 17 - Tammy Simmons (R)
Hillsborough 17 - Rich Tommasso (L)
Hillsborough 17 - Joel Winters (D)
Hillsborough 19 - Dick Barry (R)
Hillsborough 19 - Phil Straight (R)
Rockingham 09 - Dan Itse (R)

State Senate:

Hillsborough 9 - David Danielson (R)

Federal Positions:

District 1 - Frank Guinta (R)
District 2 - Jennifer Horn (R)

Senate - Jim Bender (R)

Good luck to all in the primary this Tuesday!