NH Low Unemployment Nothing to do with Democrats

Democrats in NH have been very quick lately to jump up and claim success here in NH pointing at our state's low unemployment numbers as justification to continue their tax and spending policies but from talking to several unemployed friends here in NH I have to wonder if we're seeing the true picture.

If you live in southern NH then you know there are a huge number of commuters who travel to MA for jobs.  And if you are like myself and had the unfortunate experience of being laid off from a job in MA you know that you do not collect NH unemployment but instead collect from MA.  That fact helps mask how many NH citizens are actually unemployed.

I'd like to share a quote from an article in the Portsmouth Herold I found recently which you can read HERE.

The state's traditional method of calculating unemployment rates, 5.3 percent according to February numbers, does not count part-time workers, commuters from neighboring states who lose jobs in Massachusetts, people getting by on temporary work, or residents who move out of state, according to a study by Northeastern University's Center for Labor Market Studies.

Something else to consider is that MA has been steadily losing population over the past decade.

The basic concept of a free market would imply that if you have a smaller population but the same number of jobs unemployment would go down.  However MA unemployment continues to rise even with their population shrinking so where are the people out of work?  They are in NH being counted against the MA unemployment numbers while at the same time giving the impression of lower unemployment rates here in NH when the reality is NH doesn't have the jobs in the first place.

Something to think about!