Lynch Push Polls

Got to love those push polls!


Just received one this afternoon that acted as if they wanted information about candidates then started in on a series of question about John Lynch and John Stevens.

What tipped me off was the first question in which they asked if I'd be concerned if Lynch supported a bill that put criminals on the streets early.  I said I read the bill in question and already knew the information so it wouldn't concern me being I already knew about it.  When the operator on the phone snickered I knew something was up with the call.  He countered saying that the fact is that the bill strengthens protection of NH citizens by increasing supervision on the criminals and does more to protect us.  Then asked my opinion.

He followed up with additional information followed by half truths and misleading "facts" attempting to make John Lynch look fiscally responsible and a solid leader, which anyone who's read the papers knows our state has been riddled with deficits the past few budget cycles.

At this point I asked who was funding the poll to which he stated it was funded by the NH Democratic party, I thanked him and pointed out he was wasting his time because I actually read the news and knew the details of what he was claiming otherwise and hung up.

So I have to ask, how is putting violent criminals on the streets months early making anyone safer by just having them call into parole officers once a week or meeting a councilor once a week?  The fact is they are getting out early and can go back to harming others.  That's not making anyone safer and that's a fact.

And the claim that Lynch has erased the deficit in this state has been proven false before, when lied to over and over like this who still believes him?

As the polls continue to show even the unbeatable Lynch failing further behind and the Democratic parties policies being rejected at every turn I expect to see more underhanded politics like this being used.