Democrats and Republicans have different philosophies when it comes to debating their agendas and beliefs.  Republicans believe that if they present facts and explain what they believe that voters will support those ideas and vote for them.  Democrats on the other hand know that most of what they believe are no ideas supported by the majority of voters so they have to either lie about what they believe or simply silence any opposing facts.

We've seen this happen on the Blue Hampshire website where they created a system that allows them to block posters who post anything that goes against what their talking heads are saying or any facts they dislike and if needed to completely ban posters from the site who post things they may disagree with.  This is censorship and it's well supported in their community.

But simply keeping the blinders on their own constituents isn't good enough.  There are still outside media sources where facts surface and dissenting opinions are allowed.

Since Democrats have been in control since the 2006 elections and have controlled even the presidency since 2008 giving them full control over every branch of both the federal and NH state government they are now out of excuses and are not past the point of being able to just get away by blaming everything on Bush since by now they should be able to show some level of accomplishments.  Problem is they can't.

So what do good Democrats do when web sites like the Nashua Telegraph has people posting comments to articles with additional facts and details that make Democrats look bad?  They censor.  Democrats have figured out that by flagging a comment as offensive or obscene the Telegraph temporarily removes it from view.  By doing this to conservatives who make good points they can hide those facts from other readers for the first day or two when the article is most popular and getting the most attention.

Their desperation is showing.