Blue Hampshire Threats Under Investigation

WMUR reported last night that the threats made on the Blue Hampshire website by poster "JohnnyBBad" against speaker Bill O'Brien are currently under investigation.  Since they are making such a big deal right now about "right wing hate" and trying to put the blame on Conservatives for the shooting in Arizona I found this an interesting news blurb that is slowly sneaking under the radio.

Steve MacDonald wrote up the store about the threats when they were first made HERE.

“I was just in Cahncid driving down Main St. and my car tried to speed up when I saw Speaker O’Lien in the crosswalk…thank God my brain and my car are disconnected…I was barely able to contain myself.Perhaps we’ll get to see good old fashioned duels on the Statehouse lawn to take our minds off the real issues…maybe even a hanging or two.” No Muzzle, No WHHP by: JonnyBBad @ Wed Jan 05, 2011 at 13:45:55 PM CST
Posted on BlueHampshire

Outside of the mention between other stories on WMUR in coverage which didn't even give the details, simply stating that it was a "NH political website" where the remarks were made, this hasn't been covered at all.  No mention in the Telegraph, Union Leader or Concord Monitor.

I guess we'll have to wait and see what comes from this.