Defending the Undefendable

There seems to be quite a lot of buzz of Rep. Lars Christiansen's filing a grievance on behalf of a convicted child molester.  

House Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt issued a statement condemning it which you can read HERE.

Our friends over at Blue Hampshire have wasted no time jumping all over this issue as well since Lars is a republican.  I personally like their article directed at the "Republican Trolls" discussing the silence on their site of anyone defending Lars' actions but then in that same article point out that they disallow Republicans (or anyone who disagrees with anything they say for that matter) from posting on their site.  Keep in mind these are the same group of people who defended Lynch and Democrats when they signed a bill letting criminals like the one Lars' letter is about out serving only a portion of their sentence.  I guess giving child molesters a slap on the wrist is ok but stepping up when you feel they received an unfair trial is not.

Now before I go on let me first say from the facts I've read on this case I have no doubt this guy is guilty.  He molested a young girl under 13 and confessed when arrested for it.  Given that fact alone I see him as guilty and the fact he's still breathing and hasn't been put to death is a light sentence in my opinion.

That said though, even the worst of the worst deserve a fair trail.  This molester claims that the judge made several bias statements during the trail and visited the jury in the deliberation chamber possibly tainting their opinions.

He's also raised several claims about other judges as well leading one to believe that he's the one lying and given his conviction his credibility is lacking however that isn't to say he should be out right ignored.

Lars is doing the right thing here in calling for a fair outside investigation.  We do have a philosophy in this country that someone is innocent until proven guilty so as long as any doubt remains, however small that the person was given an unfair trail we should consider that a serious issue and look into it.  Our justice system rests on the idea that justice is blind and therefore fair and to bring that into question brings our entire system into question so it should be tested from time to time for this very reason.  Of course saying that the investigations prove futile and there is nothing at all showing this man received anything but the fairest of trials the fact he raised false alarms should be raised each and every time he is considered for parole.